Intensified Crisis


This isn’t AEK, this isn’t what we fell in love with. To everyone that is asking questions, demanding answers, and suffering like I am, the only thing I can say is I’m sorry. However, “I’m sorry” from a journalist across the Atlantic Ocean isn’t going to change anything. We need answers now!

As I’m sure we know we took on Xanthi at OAKA in the first game of the season. Once again for some reason our best player so far in this shambolic start to the season Livaja was on the bench. Geraldes was shown a red card in the 34th minute after two yellow cards for reckless challenges. The Pourtugue midfielder lost his head and flew into a challenge after already being on a yellow. Although the Xanthi players pressured the ref, who was poor to say the least, to dish out the second yellow, for me I can’t argue with the decision.

Xanthi however was unappealing, I believed that we could have done something even with the 10 men. Oliveira missed a golden chance to put us ahead right before the half. In the 67th minute William, Xanthi’s substitute opened the scoring for the away team with their first shot of the game. In the 74th minute Cardoso takes off Kristicic and puts on Galanopoulo. We are losing and pressing for the equalizer and you throw on another 6? Four minutes later Xanthi made it 2 after Barientos beat Barkas.

A late goal from Oliveira wasn’t enough as the match ended AEK 1-2 Xanthi. Tensions were rightfully high after the final whistle as the fans voiced their displeasure with what’s going on. Some fans gathered outside demanding answers for what the hell is going on at the club. It seemed that Mantalo and Livaja were emotional with hands in faces as well. They seemed to be in dialogue with some members near the VIP section as they were walking off the pitch.

I have no words, I really don’t understand how something like this can happen. Some players even came and said that their preseason wasn’t an ideal one, no wonder why the team drops levels after the 60th minute.

There were reports that if we didn’t win tonight’s match that it would be Cardoso’s last. These reports turned out to be true, as he was sacked quite possibly after the second goal went in. The whole world knew it was just a matter of time. Melissanidi was understandably fuming and went on a sacking spree! Lymberopoulos has departed the club, and even a farewell message from Dimitriadi! Three key figures in our club gone just like that!

I am really left speechless. We are left coachless, and without a technical director. Proedre mou, I hope you know what you are doing, for everyone’s sake, please. The only thing we can do now is watch the space, some very interesting days upcoming for AEK.
This is what I call crisis…

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