Third Again?


I am usually always very supportive of any manger that comes into our club, back him no matter what, and stand with my club through thick and thin.

I am in love with this club, when they suffer I suffer, that’s just the way it goes. I’m sorry but now I must ask some questions. Yesterday was a real test of our character and our footballing levels, a test that we failed miserably. The truth is that we were exposed and quite frankly not good enough to compete in the European competitions that we must strive for.

We took on Trabzonspor in yet again an empty OAKA, after a shamblic second leg performance against Craiova. First and foremost without fans, football is nothing. It’s very difficult to play a European qualifier with no fans. That however is a conversation for another time. We served our two match ban playing behind closed doors for the antics that happens in last years Champions League game against Ajax. Anyway, that is not an excuse for what we saw.

The game started out quite well actually with Livaja getting a yellow card in the 1st minute! Marko showed that he cares and is there to play. He opened the scoring in the 4th minute with a one time finish after a low cross from Lopes, who was starting for the injured Niklas Hult. Good start, perfect start for AEK, now extreme focus is needed to see the game out in a professional manner.

This wasn’t the case at all, Caleb Ekuban answered with a hat-trick, two goals coming from ghostly defending from set pieces. Unexeptable stuff… The third goal was a comical one as well in the 70th minute. The Ghanaian beat Barkas after a 5 on 4 breakaway. The team looked tired and somehow still not ready. You now have to ask questions to the coach. Cardoso how is the team not ready on August 22nd? Let me remind you that we take on Xanthi in the first game of the season on Sunday. Sure maybe our levels are good enough to beat the Lamia’s and the OFI’s and clubs like that, but…

When a big derby is on the cards or a high pressure match like this we are going to be exposed. I’m very scared this is going to be the case. Please do something, we are suffering coach. We are suffering Mr. Melissanidi. Coach if you stay at the club you have to lift the players someway, somehow. As we know, the Tiger has a quick hook, but please there has to be some change. At this moment in time I’m not sure where the blame should go, some players still haven’t shown that they belong in the yellow and black shirt.

We saw Olympiaco trash their Russian opposition to have one foot in the Champions League groups. I’m sorry but they are miles ahead of us, Paok as well. Sad but true. Luckily it’s still early, please prove me wrong boys. I can’t express how much I’m with you even in this time of turmoil. This isn’t the AEK we fell in love with, hypnotize us again, we are desperately waiting.

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